Messaging Services

Posta Güvercini enables enterprises to communicate with their target audience in seconds since 2003.
Posta Güvercini sends high-capacity messages to every corner of the world in seconds with Bulk SMS, MMS,
E-Mail, Two-Way SMS, Survey, and Permission Marketing products.

Posta Güvercini has a license from BTK, the Telecom Authority of Turkey, since 2011. In addition to its global
GSM partnerships, it provides high-quality services with local offices in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and TRNC.
Breaking new ground in the field of messaging services, Posta Güvercini carries many values such as the
first application to send SMS via Microsoft Excel and the first bulk SMS application available in the App Store.

Working integrated with Posta Güvercini, the permission collection service facilitates the management of
advertising messages by the Message Management System in the areas of permission data management
and permitted marketing acording to the legal policies. With its global GSM partnerships and offices in
4 countries, Posta Güvercini makes sending high-capacity and fast SMS, MMS, E-mail easy to anywhere in
the world. As a BTK, Turkish Telecom Authority, licensed brand, Posta Güvercini has ISO 9001,
ISO/IEC 27001 certificates. We aim for 101% customer satisfaction by providing support from
anywhere, anytime with API, mobile application, and desktop panels.
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